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RocketResponder & Lita’s Sea Glass Jewelry (Behind The Scenes)

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

RocketResponder & Lita’s Sea Glass Jewelry

We are so excited to share the experience we had this past weekend on West Island Beach in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Every great production requires a plan. Adam Katz introduced us to  Justin Ledvina to discuss his new e-mail promotion company called RocketResponder. As we learned a bit more about Justin and what RocketResponder is all about, he told us about one of his customers, Carla. This is when we realized the best way to promote his business would be with a customer success story.

Carla is the owner of Lita Sea Glass Jewelry. We met with her to hear her story about how she started collecting sea glass when she was a little girl and started to learn how to make jewelry with it. Now that her hobby has turned into her career, she is very busy and depends on RocketResponder to give her time to spend with her family.

This is where the fun comes in. A story was told to us and and we were able to make a production out of it.

2015-05-17 09.32.47

Kristin Greene, owner of Salon KG in Cranston, RI, started makeup with our talent before we  arrived on location.

bts of bts

She stayed the rest of the day just in case she would be needed for some touch ups. We are always happy to have her with us, not only is she a talented make up artist, she’s fun too!

At West Island Beach, the sun was out, there was a perfect breeze, and everyone involved was just as excited as we were.

wide shot dirty frame

sea glass

wide shot beach

drone and carla


However, lunch was extremely gratifying for our team because we spent a good portion of it showing some of the footage to Carla. When she saw the adorable shots of her and her daughter

carla and layla smooch

We love when we are able to spark emotions with our technical skills and creativity.

On to the next location, Carla’s studio! Here we utilized

2015-05-17 12.13.41

sea glass jewelry
close up lita making jewelery

Being at her studio also allowed us to see RocketResponder in action while she customized a promotional e-mail to automatically be sent out to her past clients to update them on new products.

rocket responder

Our day came to an end, ahead of schedule, and Justin could not have been happier. We quickly interviewed him for our BTS video and he said, “I’m not someone who’s very easily pleased, but I am extremely happy about the product. Everyone here is an absolute superstar and I’m glad to be working with all of the companies, so bravo to everyone!”

2015-05-17 17.05.21

We completely agree with him. Montage Media Productions is so humbled to be a part of this production. It truly is a great experience to see so many different companies come together and seamlessly execute a particular idea and turn it into a professional production.

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